Goodbye Fear, Hello Faith & Trust


Yesterday I woke up to a message that my father was in an explosion and they had airlifted him to the ER.

I’m across the planet in Bali and there’s nothing I can do, but Pray and send love. I’m not worried, because I know we are eternal beings just here for a short time. No one lives forever. He will survive though. I got word now he’s doing well. He’s strong and determined. I’m grateful to have good strong genetics.

I created this video a while ago while in Mexico about letting go of fear and turning it to faith and trust.

My hair was shorter and darker but the message is on point.

So take a moment to watch this video. I offer a very simple powerful practice that can help you to

let go of fear and how to misidentify with your fears, thoughts and shift the energy.

Leave a comment, lmk what you think.

What fears are you letting go of?
Leave them in the comments to let me hold you accountable for letting them go now.

You will be so relieved to let them go and realign with the universe and the divine plan for your life.

Love you!

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