What Is the Legacy We are Leaving for Our Children?

Together we are creating a Bright Future for Humanity

Children are the Future is an Endowment of Bright Future Foundation 501c(3)

The Problem

Children and Students are suffering from depression, anxiety, PTSD/trauma, obesity and suicide more than ever in history.

50% of all teachers are considering quitting from work related burnout and frustration with the current school system

3.6 million teachers in America
50 million school children in USA

our solution

Children are the Future Movement, Mission & Solution

Children are the Future is a non profit initiative providing professional yoga based education, certification and CEUs for school teachers in the USA since 2005.

With over 90 years of combined experience providing world class yoga, meditation and emotional intelligence training, for children and school teachers, both online and in person, we are prepared to solve this epidemic, not only for teachers and children in the USA, but eventually world wide, so we may create a bright future for humanity.

In collaboration with Harvard and Georgetown University research scientist, we have created a life changing program to educate and provide supplementary training and continuing education (CEUs) for school teachers, to alleviate and prevent teacher burnout, and simultaneously solve the mental health crisis in American schools.

Harvard & other sources recommending yoga + meditation to heal mental health

Our mission is to alleviate the suffering of the world by educating school teachers and children, teaching them how to master (or at least manage) their minds and emotions using yoga based practices supported by scientific research by Harvard and Stanford researchers to create a bright future for humanity.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”
~ Lao Tzu

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”
~ Lao Tzu

We are openly welcoming and accepting financial donations, contributions and long term philanthropic partnerships…

Why Are We Best Qualified to Provide This Solution?

Children are the Future is a unique and powerful union of 3 foundations, with a combined impact for over 67 years of loving devoted service.

Flow State Institute, founded by Dashama, offers the world’s leading yoga and wellness trainings and teacher certification programs since 2005. Dashama is an award winning author, speaker and teacher with a track record for success. She has been spoken at and worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, celebrities and brands including being a United Nation Keynote speaker and presenter for International day of Happiness, Stanford Happiness Hall of Fame inductee and speaker, creator of Yoga Awareness Week at Sony Picture Studios in LA, Presenter at Nike Global Leadership Summit in Miami, she spoke at the Illinois State Senate, worked with Harvard Dr Sat Bir Khalsa on a research collaboration at University of Warwick, UK and is the founder of Bright Future Foundation and the Children are the Future initiative to help solve the mental health crisis, treatment of epilepsy and prevention of seizures with the medicine keppra generic in schools. Reaching and impacting over a hundred of millions of people world wide online through her vast media reach through youtube, facebook, instagram, tiktok as well as partnerships with the world’s largest yoga app, Daily Yoga with over 50 million subscribers


Created by Dashama, has been dedicated to teaching yoga to students in schools since 2005. The Kids Yoga Adventure & Yoga Family Funtime DVD series was one of the top selling kids yoga and fitness/wellness DVDs distributed in Target, Walmart, Best Buy and Barnes & Noble as well as streaming online world wide. This fun and effective program has been taught live at many private and public schools in Florida, as well as at Coral Springs Medical Center and world wide to refugees who lost their homes in crisis including Haiti after the earthquakes, Bali to children who are deaf and mute, Costa Rica to local Tican children, and the children and families who lost their homes in the Chico fires in California to name a few. The learning leaves a lasting impact and some children have reported continuing for years after their initial introduction and through continuing to practice, have risen above their circumstances to be accepted into colleges, create success, health and happiness in their lives, all from learning about the power of their own mind to create their future.

Working with Dr Sat Bir Khalsa for over 2 decades, as an advisor on their board, they have the strongest track record of success integrating kids yoga into schools in America with their programs being taught in thousands of schools nationwide so far.

They will be administering the 3 year research in the 16 inner city schools in Maryland over the next 3 years, with Dr Khalsa from Harvard and his research partner Dr Julie Staples from Georgetown University. This will be the largest and most extensive and comprehensive research about the benefits of yoga for children in schools.

This research will serve to support our mission to make yoga and meditation a part of all school curriculums for the teachers and for the children in America and eventually world wide. Yoga for Youth is also contributing a 46 hour kids yoga training module to the full Children are the Future teacher training certification and CEU program we are offering to the school teachers as the solution to solve the mental health crisis in children.

Choose Love Movement

Choose Love Movement, founded by Scarlett Lewis, was created after her 6 year old son was murdered by another student in his classroom along with 12 other students.

Her grief could have destroyed her life, but she chose to channel it into purpose and created the world’s most powerful emotional intelligence training for children, teaching kids how to develop and cultivate loving, kindness, compassion, forgiveness and empathy, which fosters more inclusiveness and unity for children in schools.

Choose Love movement has been welcomed into over 10,000 schools in the USA and offers a
wonderful additional module to the Children are the Future certification program to further enhance our impact and to help us solve the children’s mental (and emotional) health crisis in America.

art of living sky school

Founded by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, enlightened saint from India, affectionately known as Gurudev, SKY school is a YALE and Stanford backed yoga based breathing and meditation practice that also offers SEL and PD guidance for school teachers, children as well as for prisoners and others with mental and emotional disease.

A global success, the SKY programs have been implemented into thousands of schools and in India and Latin America, are impacting millions of children. Offering introductory programs, through the Children are the Future initiative, teachers are guided how to master their breath with powerful Kriya practice, to balance and raise the energy, creating equilibrium in the brain and health.

The level 2 and more advanced programs must be learned in person, and there are thousands of certified SKY teachers who are trained and ready to come offer these teachings in your school, after the initial introductory program.

The Miracle Morning for Kids,
Famliies and Teachers:

Originally created by best selling author and speaker Hal Elrod, this best selling book series has been impacting millions of lives one morning at a time with the proven and simple system of starting your day with rituals, routine and positive practices. The program impacted so many lives, thousands of teachers have implemented the short 6 minute version into their schools, classrooms in NYC and California and the movement is growing rapidly. Offering guidance through books, affirmations coloring books, and a variety of resources, as well as guidance in the implementation of this morning routine for greater focus, success, happiness and health.

As part of the Children are the Future initiative, your school, children and teachers will have access to these books, materials, as well as an introduction offered and presented by Hal and/or his trained staff online to start and they are also available for in person speaking engagements at your school for additional options to uplift, motivate and inspire your staff to greatness.

CATF Introductory Program Schedule

We offer an introductory 8 week program, online, so your teachers, staff and administrators may learn more in depth the proven powerful and effective programs that are working for thousands of other schools, teachers, children and staff to improve mental health, SEL and Professional Development.
Message from The Office of The Vice President of the USA
August 15, 2022
Dear Ms. Gordon,

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts about the environment. I am motivated every day by passionate individuals like you, and I appreciate the opportunity to respond to your letter.

Today, our Nation faces many challenges. Together, we are responding with what I call American Aspiration. American Aspiration is the ability to see what can be, unburdened by what has been. It is the determination to do, not only to dream. I see it in America’s innovators, educators, small business owners, and nurses. I see it in people like you.

Although these are tough times, I have never been more hopeful about our Nation’s future. While we may not agree on how to solve every issue, I promise to work hard for all Americans each and every day. I look forward to working with you to shape the future for generations to come.


Each teacher who is enrolled gains both the 8 week online training course (with a live interactive training session each week, in addition to online content, with videos, audios and ebooks / material to deepen and further enhance your capabilities, as well as a bundle of books, training manuals and material to deepen your knowledge and enhance your skills lead and guided by experts in the field of mental health, SEL and PD.

Cost per teacher for enrollment in the CATF 8 week online program is $440 per person with an additional $150 materials fee for books and manuals.

We have options for scholarships for those with lower socio economic school districts that don’t have funds to pay for the programming, please inquire and submit your application for the scholarship, if you feel your school may fit our criteria.

Blessings and Love,