Recent Videos
Lower Back Pain Relief

This sequence is specifically designed to help heal and balance the lower back by strengthening and stretching the appropriate muscle groups

Morning Yoga Energizer

Open all levels of ability, this practice is challenging physically and is a great workout, while at the same time it will leave you feeling balanced and peaceful, offering you the foundation to have the best day ever!

Grounding Series

This sequence is designed to open, balance, and build strength in the lower body specifically. As we become more connected to our lower body and legs and the soles of the feet, we start to feel more grounded to the earth.

Journey Into The Heart

The heart center’s primary purpose is to feel, give, and receive the energy of love, compassion and empathy. In this powerful practice we will open the heart, including upper back, shoulders and neck.


Shoulders are a tight place for many people, as we live in a modern society where reaching forward is the most common position. In this video I offer you a variety of shoulder openers that will help to release tension, stress, and pain to create fluid, happy shoulders and a relaxed upper back.

Tibetan Rites

The Tibetan rites are an ancient sequence of yoga poses that are more dynamic in nature with very little rest in between. In these five specific poses you will strengthen and stretch, tone and balance the body, mind and spirit.