My Story


Who has impacted hundreds of millions of lives globally with her message of healing, happiness, oneness, love & flow.

2003 - 2004

2003 Dashama was awarded Student of the Year at FAU by the Pre Medical Society for stumping her physics and organic chemistry professors with questions about the nature of the universe that they could not answer.

2004 graduated with Bachelors of Communication and International Business degree from FAU. 


She completed her first yoga teacher training course in the Sivananda lineage and embarked upon her path of healing and teaching.

2005 - 2008

2005-2008 she taught in schools, hospitals, private clients, in person and online as a healer, teacher and trainer while learning and developing her skills as a teacher and healer. 


In 2008, Dashama launched the first yoga challenge on YouTube that went viral and reached millions of people catalyzing a trend in the industry of yoga that spawned millions of yoga challenges world wide for 14 years making yoga and mindfulness a part of mainstream culture.


Dashama released her best selling family yoga DVD series that was distributed in Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble impacting millions of lives world wide, she launched the best selling online course “30 Day Yoga Challenge” , released the first video online of “SUP Yoga” yoga on paddle boards which sparked a global trend and published her first book Journey to Joyful that was distributed world wide via barnnes and noble world wide, establishing her as a happiness expert.


2010 Dashama’s audition for Oprah Winfrey Network rose to the top 1% out of 20,000 auditions to have her own show on OWN.


Dashama launched her
cooking show on


She was invited to speak at the Illinois State Senate and awarded Yogini of the Year and put on the cover of New York Yoga magazine for her efforts with the WeR1 Race non profit initiative for human equality and social justice. That year she was also recruited to launch her popular 30 day yoga challenge video course on Udemy which quickly became a best seller on the platform impacting tens of thousands of lives.


Dashama was hired by Nike to teach at their Global Leadership Summit in Miami, Puma to represent their brand in a national campaign and that year she was also first introduced to work with Dr Khalsa from Harvard on a panel of experts about the healing power of yoga. She also signed with Starboard SUP to co create her signature line of paddle boards to lead the “Be the Change” global movement that lasted 5 years advocating for ocean conservation and wellness. That year she also shared a post on instagram and Facebook that went viral reaching over 12 million pepole and being shared over 69,000 times showing 1 million children meditating for world peace in Thailand.


She was recruited to work with Jillian Michael’s to contribute content in the Fitfusion app and later also filmed a new updated video series of the 30 Day Yoga Challenge in collaboration with Banyan Tree Resort in Maldives which was later promoted on QVC on Black Friday in combination with Amazon Kindle Fire and Xbox to sell over 75,000 BluRay TVs in 1 day. The 10 DVD 30DYC series was later distributed on Target, Walmart, Best Buy and world wide as the “yoga version of P90X”. 2016 Dashama was hired and flown to Dubai to teach at the largest yoga festival in the Middle East where she. met the Crown Prince of Dubai at the event sponsored by Adidas.


She was invited to be a key note presenter at the United Nations for International Day of Happiness in honor of the Kingdom of Bhutan as well as flown to UK to participate in a research program with Warwick Research University with Dr Khalsa from Harvard to show how the practices she teaches help people in the corporate setting get into flow state for greater health, happiness, productivity, creativity, and profitability. She was also hired to write “Yoga for Surfing: Tips, Techniques and Living the Flow State by Falcon Guide books which donated the profits to ocean conservation. Her work was featured in Wall Street Journal, Vogue, Cosmo, Men’s Health, ABC, NBC, Discovery Channel, FOX and many other
media outlets.


Dashama started working with Daily Yoga, the largest yoga app in the world when they had 30 million subscribers, and from her consultation working with them, she helped them expand from 30 to 50 million subscribers in just a few years as well as doubling their revenue by adding courses to their platform where her courses where the best selling and most popular courses world wide for many years impacting over 700,000 students to take the 30 day yoga challenge online. 


Dashama lead 6 yoga teacher trainings in 1 year while living in Hawaii, Bali and Costa Rica and also launched her Master Business Academy online and live training course to help her students and graduates learn the art of business to help them achieve greater success with their contributions.


2019 Dashama attended Jack Canfield’s master coaching retreat at his home in Santa Barbara and interviewed him for the Flow State series and movie. That same year she was inducted into the Happiness Hall of Fame at Stanford along with other notables such as Tony Robbins, Dr Wayne Dyer and Dolly Pardon.


she was featured in the Flow Summit along with Dalai Lama, Deepak Chopra, Greg Braden, Sadhguru and others. And later go to interview Sadhguru, Preetaji from Ekam Oneness Temple, as well as many notable masters for her online series for Curejoy Ayurveda as their wellness expert for their 9.5 million fans world wide.


Dashama started the Children are
the Future / Bright Future Foundation her non profit foundation to help solve the children’s mental health crisis in schools in America.

2022 was established and Dashama’s mission is to raise enough funds in the Bright Future Endowment Fund to provide scholarships for all teachers and children who need it from lower socio economic areas to provide training for school teachers to facilitate the CATF program in the classrooms and beyond in partnership with Art of Living SKY schools, Choose Love Movement, The Miracle Morning and Flow State Institute to provide healing for the 3.5 million teachers in America and 50 million children in schools suffering from the mental and emotional crisis.

Partnered with Dynamic Architecture as the President of the Dynamic Media Communications company, and will be producing documentary films, media, and events for the Dynamic world wide brand.

“Yes! I am ready to let go of the past and create the best life now!