30DYC Day 32

30DYC Day 32


How was your day off yesterday?

It was really strange not sending you an email. I’m sure it was equally as

strange for you to open your email and not see one from me. ☺

30DYC Day 31

30DYC Day 31

You’ve conquered the 30DYC! Now what’s the next step?

First, take a day to appreciate all of the hard work and dedication

you put forth during this amazing and transformational experience.

30DYC Day 30

30DYC Day 30

“Next to Oxygen, Pure Water is the Most Vital Factor to the Survival of

Life!”–Patricia Bragg, “Water: The Shocking Truth”

You have probably noticed that

the world is going into a drinking water shortage.

With the bottled water shelves getting larger and more extensive in the

grocery stores, it is confusing as to which “type” of water is best

for us to drink.