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“Next to Oxygen, Pure Water is the Most Vital Factor to the Survival of

Life!”–Patricia Bragg, “Water: The Shocking Truth”

You have probably noticed that

the world is going into a drinking water shortage.

With the bottled water shelves getting larger and more extensive in the

grocery stores, it is confusing as to which “type” of water is best

for us to drink.

There’s Purified, Distilled, Spring, Mineral Enhanced, Electrolyte

Enhanced, Alkaline Water, Sports Water, Sparkling, Energy Enhanced,

And the list goes on…

So which water should one drink?  The answer depends on your goals.

For me, it’s important that I have great energy

and that all of my internal systems are functioning optimally.

I’d like to live a long, active life.

From my research, I have come to know that we are over 70% water in our


This makes the water that we drink VERY important to our life, our energy

and our overall health.

Studies now show that the most important thing, after filtering out the

toxic and harmful particles, fluorides and other undesirable elements,

is how alkaline the water is.

What does “alkaline” mean?

There is a state of balance within all things, and in the body that state is called “pH Balanced”.  Essentially that means attainment of a pH that is not too acidic and not too alkaline.

Pretty simple, right? 

In concept, yes!  However, getting to an alkaline state requires attention and effort

on your part.  It is attainable, but not something you can achieve instantly.

For my own part, I purchased pH test strips and began testing my

urine, my tap water, and my filtered, bottle water. 

Lo and behold!

Everything I tested was very acidic. 

So, I started researching what causes a state of acidity and how being

more acid than alkaline can affect us. 

Here’s what I learned….

Everything that we consume is either acid, base, or somewhere in between.

For example, meat, seeds, nuts, alcohol, soft drinks and vinegar are all acidic.

In an acid state, the body’s cells are more susceptible to Cancer, Diabetes,

Hepatitis, and other dis-ease.  The immune system is weakened, your energy is lower,

waste is not eliminated as easily, and countless other issues may arise.

In an alkaline state, cells flourish.  Our energy is increased and all of our

internal functions improve.

Bonus: In an alkaline state (or at least in the absence of an acidic state)


This is the premise behind many of the

healing centers that are using a primarily vegetarian and/or raw diet (in

addition to yoga, exercise, meditation, massage and other healing

modalities) to reverse cancer and other diseases in people all around the world.

So, if you must purchase your water at the store, know that drinking bottled water is similar to

eating canned, cooked vegetables. You are losing a lot of the life-giving

benefits of water when you drink stored, bottled water. 

Filtered tap water is a smart and economical option, especially now that more communities are banning the use of fluoride.

For more of an education on alkalinity, here is a link to the results of pH-testing multiple brands

of bottled water and other beverages. 


Stay tuned for more information in the future about this essential molecular compound that is the source of all life on Earth.

Infinite blessings to you always!

Love and light,


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