12 DVD Set : Prasha Method Yoga Immersion filmed in Bali


This program includes workshops filmed in Bali.
Earn 15 hours toward becoming a yoga teacher, or CEUs if you are already certified.


This program comes complete with the following workshops filmed in Bali.
Earn 15 hours toward becoming a yoga teacher or CEUs if you are already certified. 

1. Grounding Vinyasa (Earth / Root practice)

This all levels practice focuses on root energy, legs, hips, hamstrings, and feet. Strengthen and stretch while getting grounded and connected to the earth element. Perfect for all people and especially great for travelers, people who feel ungrounded and/or anyone with tight or weak legs and lower body. 90 minute practice filmed live in Bali at the Yoga Teacher Training with Dashama.

2. Chi Flow (Water/ Sacral flow)

This all levels practice combines yoga and qi gong, using the Chi Breath, for calming the emotions and nervous system. Movements are fluid and soothing, combined with challenging vinyasa yoga practice. Focus is on hips, legs and movement of energy. This practice is perfect for all people, and especially great for those seeking a creative, fluid practice to strengthen, tone, and stretch, while rejuvenating your energy and releasing stress.

3. Fire Practice (fire/ solar plexus)

One of the most popular practices in the series, this all levels challenging class combines vinyasa power flow with fire breathing to transform and release all that is not serving you. You will embrace your edge and potentially break through your barriers and limitations both in your mind and in your body. Get ready to sweat and transform, while connecting to the fire element.

4. Journey into the Heart (air / heart)

This heart centered practice is soothing and rejuvenating. Focus is on the upper back, shoulders and neck. Back bends and heart openers are the peak poses, and the sequencing leads up to that with a series of preparation poses to ease the spine and heart to open. You will dive deeply into the experience of heart, and let go of any grief or pain in the heart, through these conscious practices.

5. Mantra Vinyasa (ether / throat)

One of our most popular workshops, this practice combines mantra (chanting) Ra Ma Da Sa by Snatam Kaur, with vinyasa yoga sequencing. Opens the throat chakra, balances and harmonizes the energy field, and soothes the soul, all while opening the body with a balanced vinyasa yoga practice. This powerful practice helps to strengthen your energy, your voice and your self empowered purpose.

6. Eyes Closed Vinyasa (ether / ajna)

One of the most popular classes on yoga.com, this practice opens your third eye / intuition. This happens when you close your eyes and look within. Listen with your ears and heart while you move through the vinyasa practice guided verbally by Dashama. You will be amazed how fluid the practice can become and how great your experience of inner peace from such a simple yet powerful practice. Open to all levels.

7. Inversions & arm balances (ether / crown)

This all levels class is designed to help you advance your arm balance and inversion practice. For those new to inversions, you will work on beginners poses, building a strong foundation to understand all of the key elements of how to engage bandhas, where to engage, contract or relax muscles to stabilize yourself and how to maintain safety to avoid injury.

Key Benefits: Build Strength and Balance; Learn proper technique to avoid injury; Increase endurance to hold inversions; Improve mental focus; Learn to engage core and bandhas to maintain challenging poses.

8. Partner Yoga (acroyoga workshop)

In this dynamic and fun video, you will learn how to practice partner yoga. You will need at least 2 people to practice most of the poses and in some cases, 3 or more will be required. This DVD is open to all levels. However, if you don’t have previous experience with partner yoga, you should watch first and make sure you have a spot/ assistant to prevent injury and ensure safety while you are learning these techniques.

Key Benefits: Build strength, flexibility and balance, Core control and stabilization, Improve communication skills, connect with others, in a loving, healthy and playful way, build trust and openness.

9. Power Yoga Breakthrough (Pranashama vinyasa)

This DVD is open to all levels and offers modifications for beginners through advanced. Pranashama literally translates to ‘using the sacred life force energy to bring tranquility to the mind.’ Containing the techniques from all 7 chakra based workshops of the Prasha Method, this class is challenging and transformational at the same time. You will experience vinyasa ashtanga based yoga practice interwoven with chi gong techniques. It is heart-centered and alignment based, with the focus always on connecting to the present moment.

Key Benefits: Harmonize your body and mind; Balance, strengthen, tone and stretch your body; Improve mental focus and attitude; Release limiting beliefs and align with your greatness; Heal, restore, rejuvenate and access your highest potential.

10. Specific Yoga Case Studies (Anatomy & Adjustments)

This DVD will provide specific yoga case studies from students who have been injured, have pains, aches or limitations in their body. Each case is real and Dashama offers specific techniques for each on how to heal and balance those areas for holistic healing. These details are crucial to prevent injury and ensure safety and longevity of your practice by balancing your entire body.

Key Benefits: Learn proper alignment, ensure longevity in your practice, and prevent any future injury.

11. Pranashama Philosophy

In this workshop / seminar recorded in Bali live at the Pranashama Yoga Teacher Training, Dashama shares the depth and purpose of Pranashama Yoga. Where did it all begin? Why did it come about? What does it include? All of this is answered in this DVD, along with empowering, insightful and inspiring stories and guidance to help you along your path. Dashama shares her insights about how she has overcome great obstacles including healing her spine after 4 car accidents, healing from digestive issues (leaky gut syndrome from antibiotics), allergies, acne, depression, grief, and many other issues over the years. She also shares the stories of students who have healed and transformed as a result of this system and these practices.

12. Meditation (Guided)

Pranashama Yoga includes a series of meditation practices including guided meditation, inner child healing, creative visualization, mantra meditation, movement meditation (dance), vipassana, silent meditation and much more. There is a style of meditation for you and in this video you will learn a variety of practices that you can choose from or integrate all into your practice and / or into your teaching.

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