New Moon Meditation

New Moon is a time to plant your seeds of intention and trust that your prayers are being answered. This is a time of renewal for so many of us and now is the time to set your heart on fire and let love and passion lead you to your dreams.


Try this in your meditation. Envision and Feel the Energy that Everything is always working out according to divine and perfect time and divine and perfect order. You can see that when you step outside of your situation and see from the observer perspective how things come to us when you have been praying for them and as long as we are open and courageous to follow our hearts, you will always be guided to the best next step for life.

And how can we know what that is? It’s usually what your heart and soul is asking for. It’s what you want most deeply in your heart. It’s what feels like a yes! It’s a full body feeling that is beyond a doubt and feels right. You feel it in your heart, gut and soul.

Set your intentions on the new moon, write them down, meditate about them and set the wheels in motion for your prayers to be heard and answered. Feel free to connect with me on instagram, facebook, youtube or twitter and let me know how this miracle new moon meditation goes for you! (FB @dashama / YT @dashama / IG @dashamalove)

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