Connect with the Divine Mother & Unconditional Love

On this special day, I feel called to share with you the various forms of ‘Mother” that I have come to know in this life. I hope this serves you well, especially if you yourself don’t have a close relationship with your mother and/or lost her already.

If you do have a close and wonderful relationship with your mother, I invite you today to take some time to truly realize how lucky you are! And perhaps you know that already, but from my heart to yours, I encourage you to never ever take that for granted. Millions world wide do not have a close loving experience of mother, who are abandoned, adopted, or sent to live in foster homes.

The love of a mother is so important to the development of a child, as pivotal as food and water. So, what happens when the love is not present?

What I have come to know is that this lost connection is the source of great suffering. Any disconnection from love is always a source of suffering, but the love of mother energy is one of the most powerful in existence.

I learned this first hand, so here I will share some of my story, in hopes to offer a beacon of light, so you can know that you or anyone you know who has less then ideal mother connection, can heal and find that energy from within and from other sources that exist in nature and the universe.

I lost my mother at age 7, so ever since then I have been cultivating a unique relationship with the concept of ‘mother’. At first it was excruciating, the experience of separation from my mother. Although she was not mentally well, a young person does not know the difference, only the connection is what is felt or missing.

During my 5 years in foster homes, I was sent to live with many different mothers in various homes. This taught me to understand how varied the experience of a mother can be. Some are caring and compassionate, others strict and cold.

Then when I went to live in South Dakota with my mother’s adopted sister, Robyn, I experienced an even different form of motherly love. The love of an aunt, who didn’t give birth to me, but who loved me unconditionally anyway. Robyn was the embodiment of unconditional love and compassion and still is to this day. Her presence was always kind and warm with arms open to offer a hug and eager to hear about my life. She opened her home to me when I was going through such a deep turmoil during those years, I will always be grateful for her unconditional love. Robyn even gifted me a book called, “How to Be Like Women of Influence” which featured Mother Theresa, Ann Frank, Oprah and 20 of the greatest women of the 20th century. That book shaped me and gave me direction in my life at the young impressionable age of 14.

I believe it is all of our ‘mothers’ who have help to shape us, making me who I am.

Although the most personal experience we can have with mother is between 2 physically, mentally and emotionally connected souls united by the thread of womb and birth, there is another relationship to ‘mother’ that has helped me tremendously find peace and love in this life. It is our relationship with the Divine Mother as well as Mother Earth, that I am talking about. These non human mothers are the greatest source of mother energy we can experience.

Have you ever connected with the energy of the Divine Mother within?

The Divine Mother is the creation energy of the Universe and exists within all things living. It is the ever present source of love, empathy and compassion that moves us from within and encourages us to live kinder, be more generous, benevolent and forgiving. This is the mother in our hearts, she is source of the guidance we receive from source energy.

Mother Earth, Mother Ocean and Mother Nature also also offer us non human mother energy, nurturing, loving, and helping us to feel that everything will be okay. Like a mother rocking her baby to sleep, we can experience this same level of comfort and unconditional love when we are connecting with nature, by the ocean, in a forest, mountains or streams. This mother energy feels especially potent while we are near water, as that brings us back to the memory of the womb, where we lived for 9 months before entering this life.

Wherever you are, whatever you do, please take some time today to feel the energy of gratitude in your heart for your mother, mother earth, the divine more and all the mothers alive.

Humanity would cease to exist without the presence of mothers. They often do their job in silence and make great sacrifices for their children and loved ones, all selflessly from a space of pure unconditional love. Not all mothers are able to do that though, so if you had a mother who was not able to share unconditional love and compassion with you, as I had, please take comfort in knowing that she would if she could. It is only the pain within that prevents anyone from sharing their fullest love with all. As we heal and forgive the inner pain, disconnection and separation from love, we remember who we are and are lead back to the unconditional love of source energy, where the ever present vibration of love exists abundantly and endlessly.

May your heart be full of love and your soul at pace. ♥️

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