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10 Reasons Why Yoga is Good For You

By: Nicole Pon Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice that utilizes body postures and breathing exercises that increase…
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How to Have a Blissful Mind + 432 Hz Binaural Beats Music

Join us for the 30 Days of Bliss, to improve the mental health of humanity. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JoZHPkzJ5kY&t=131s[/embed] Today is day 1…
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Connect with the Divine Mother & Unconditional Love

On this special day, I feel called to share with you the various forms of 'Mother" that I have come…
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Emotional Freedom Technique to Manifest Your Best Life

Life isn't always easy. In fact, for most people, it involves a lot of stress and struggle on a daily…
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45 Minute Orgasmic Bliss Meditation

I developed this meditation practice after my 10 day experience with Vipassana meditation. If you are not familiar with Vipassana,…
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Dashama – ERYT, CPT, CTYT, BAC

CEO of Pranashama Yoga Institute, Dashama the author of Journey to Joyful and 5 other books, 11 yoga DVDs and…
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Fiona – RYT 200

Fiona from Australia is a Goddess of pure sweetness! Her classes are full of livliness, energy and intention.
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Alexis Rae – RYT 500

Alexis is a free-spirited gypsy goddess, born and raised on an island in Maine (USA). She's passionate about traveling and…
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