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New Moon Meditation

New Moon is a time to plant your seeds of intention and trust that your prayers are being answered. This…
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healthy amazing energy organic elixirs

5 Healthy Elixirs for Amazing Energy {VIDEO}

Try these 5 healthy organic simple elixirs to increase your natural energy and feel amazing. Leave a comment lmk which…
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hawaii bali travel success happiness

Powerful Practice for Self Love & Confidence {VIDEO}

Confidence comes from self love. Try this powerful practice to increase both your confidence and feelings of self love so…
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“I AM Enough” Megan Markle Affirmation Meditation {VIDEO}

One of the greatest obstacles to all success is not feeling enough. Watch this powerful video as I share the…
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How I Cured Depression {VIDEO}

Do you know anyone with depression or have you experienced it yourself? In this video I share ab out my…
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Visualize Your Dream Life {VIDEO}

Do you have big dreams and want to know how to reach them? In this video I share how you…
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10 Breaths to Bliss {VIDEO}

Try this simple practice to elevate your energy to experience bliss and happiness. 10 Breaths to bliss can be practiced…
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the flow state

How to Access the Flow State {VIDEO}

Have you ever felt completely in 'the flow', sometimes its also called 'the zone'? In this video I share about…
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