30DYC Day 31

Congratulations, Dear Soul!
You have successfully completed 30 full days of Yoga & Healthy Living!
I hope you were able to practice each day and that you kept track of your progress in your Daily Health Journal!
Several times through this past month, I have mentioned we are giving a prize to the greatest success story, and we have already begun the search for this season’s GRAND PRIZE
Please be sure to send in your before/after photos and share your story! (Send all of the above to: contact@pranashama.com to be eligible to win.)
I want to remind you that as a ‘Challenger’ you now have continued access to ALL of the videos, audio lessons, and eBook content in the members area for life!
Please take advantage of this and practice as much as possible.
You’ve conquered the 30DYC! Now what’s the next step?
First, take a day to appreciate all of the hard work and dedication you put forth during this amazing and transformational experience.
30 DYC is not a program for the weak of mind or body! Take some time to reflect and appreciate yourself and the breakthroughs you made!
They will help inspire you to continue on your journey.
As they say, life is a journey, and the journey is the destination.
So, definitely spend a day or two relaxing and reflecting, but…
Realize you are just beginning đŸ™‚
“Practice, practice, practice and everything is coming.” –Sri Patabi Jois, founder of Ashtanga Yoga Lineage
Stay tuned…I’ll be emailing you again soon.
Love and Blessings to you all ways,

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