30DYC Day 24

There are merely 7 days left in this 30 Day Yoga Challenge!

Congrats on your hard work and determination so far! 

Since you have been following

my videos and trainings so closely, I know that you’ve

experienced some tangible results and are feeling proud of what you have accomplished.

This last week really makes the difference.  Keep on

track with your daily yoga routine and you’ll continue to be surprised.  Seven days from now, you

will be a 30 DYC champion. 

Let’s get back on the mat!

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P.S. Did you take the time to photograph yourself when you started my Challenge?  I am giving away a prize for the most inspiring transformation story.  Be sure to share yours with us.  Not only will you be encouraging others, but you may also become a prize winner!

Blessings to your success!



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“Your intuition is your best friend.” – Yogi Tea quote

Aloha, my Friend,

Do you feel your life becoming more balanced?

Have you taken a few moments to assess

which areas you need to place your

focus on in order to feel better, healthier, more

energized, more rested, more at peace in your heart?

Do you find yourself gravitating toward distracted, unconscious behaviors, for example, mindless eating

in front of the TV or computer?

Or, have you been feeling a lack of

appetite, or just not eating enough, because you are too

busy (or so you tell yourself) to eat?

It is crucial to your good health that you consciously nourish the mind, body, and soul every day.

Give yourself what you need, not only to survive, but to flourish!

Because every living thing needs water to live and grow, when there is no rain, people have to regulate

the situation to ensure there will be enough water to go around. 

Often times they regulate by restriction…

What type of restriction is necessary for you,

in your life?  Think on the answer that will guide you to your most

balanced state of health and happiness.

Some of us need to restrict isolated entertainment

(TV, video games, computer usage, etc.).  Although they may have a time and a place (and can even be restorative when we’ve been drained by too much socialization), they are TIME Killers, as at worst can be ENERGY drainers, and deplete one’s health.

While you may think you feel relaxed using them,

they are actually stimulation to the nervous system,

which ultimately leads to an accumulation of stress…

Why not take that extra time and instead go to a yoga class,

do a few minutes of meditation (or just quiet observation

of the breath and the mind), or find a great new

book that inspires and educates you?

Maybe you need to be more

conscious of your eating—or restrict it–by making time to eat three to five healthy meals a day.

This is important.

The improvements may not be obvious immediately,

but anything you do repeatedly will make a

significant and noticeable change in you over time.  (That is true of things both good and bad.)

If you’re eating junk, you will begin to feel like junk.

Weight or fat gain is inevitable.

Energy depletion is likely.

Digestive issues may ensue.

Sometimes immediately.

If you’re running ragged, not eating,

chances are your metabolism is being

thrown out of whack, and you will start to see

the imbalance play out in the form of weight gain and/or blood sugar

issues (irritability, peaks and dips in energy, dizziness, etc.)

Take fifteen contemplative minutes and ask yourself the following:

What am I creating with my habits?

What would I like to create?

What should I change, starting immediately?

You will know what you need to do by the answers

that come to you…

Trust your heart;

Trust your “gut instincts”.

Start right now.

Until next time,

Be blessed!




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