30DYC Day 13


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In my experience working with people of all ages,

backgrounds, and ethnicities, I have come to find that

everyone is seeking the same thing:

We all want to feel joy, love and peace in our lives on a regular basis.

So, how is it that some people experience blissful energy often,

and other people seem to be chasing it to no avail?

It comes down to lifestyle.

Once again you must ask yourself a question: What are you doing each day to evoke and cultivate those feelings for yourself?

You are a being of light energy. The energy loves to circulate and move freely.

When there is a blockage in the energy, (which can be caused by any

number of things from a conflict with someone, a physical trauma, to

an emotional episode, etc.) feelings of joy, bliss and love are hard to find.

In order to free up this energy, we must do practices

that help release blockages and allow for the free flow to occur.

Activities like yoga, meditation, tai chi, reiki, etc., that work with energy flow and eliminate blockages, are healthy starting points.

Or do anything that makes you blissfully happy……..Swim, Dance, Sing, Laugh!

These activities all are known for breaking up blockages in your energy,

They help you to align with your Divine self and become absorbed in the magic

that life has to offer.

How often should you do these things?

Well, how often do you want to feel great!?!

Nearly all of us will answer that last question with “every day!”

So there you have it, from your own consciousness—aim to do at least one from the list every day to feel great.

And try to switch it up. A little of each integrated into your lifestyle

can produce a transformational shift in your overall life that will encourage you to continue with these practices long-term.

Best wishes to you.

Love and light always,



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